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We are still currently accepting artist submissions for The Verge, so if you are a musician and haven't submitted, what are you waiting for?? Also, if you have any friends in bands, make sure to let them know about the opportunities that The Verge will give them. Our deadline is Feb 5th, which is only a few days away, so tell them not to delay!

Also, if you have any local or national acts in mind that you think would be good for the conference, leave a comment here and I promise that we'll check them out and reach out to them.

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The Verge

The Verge: College Music Conference

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Campus Entertainment, a NACA and TRP Sports & Entertainment* joint venture, is proud to present The Verge: College Music Conference. The conference will take place in Boston, MA from April 19th to the 21st, and 100 artists will be invited to showcase in front of an estimated 2,000 student leaders who will be looking to program music for their campus activities. Showcases will be presented in festival format, as 6 stages will run simultaneously each of the 3 nights. Bands will perform in traditional music venues on Boston’s famed Lansdowne Street.

Showcases will be complemented with workshops and panel discussions geared towards educating Students on ways to optimize the programming, production and promotion of their campus events. Additionally, Artists will be encouraged to attend clinics that will provide insights into the loyal and lucrative college market.

If selected, bands will be expected to work directly with the students on their showcases. Supervised students will be assisting not only with production elements of the showcases; they will be working to promote the talent to other festival attendees. The objective is to provide Students with a hands-on education and afford Artists with a unique opportunity to connect with colleges on both a creative and personal level.

While some showcasing acts will be presented by record labels and booking agents, independent Artists are encouraged to submit applications. The Verge is looking to showcase Artists and Bands who demonstrate the talent, drive and professionalism to optimize this career-building opportunity. The festival programming will be diverse and will strive to reflect the tastes and trends of campus life while keeping a pulse on the music industry at large.

The competition for the coveted 100 showcase slots will be fierce. That said, we at The Verge strive to be tastemakers and will give emerging artists the same opportunity and consideration afforded to national acts. Emerging Artists will be expected to have the means to tour and the ability to process contracts issued by colleges and universities. We will work directly with any Artist, without representation, to help establish pricing and to assist in the onsite booking process.

*TRP Sports & Entertainment Marketing is the parent company of the NEMO Music Festival and the Boston Music Awards.